Douglas Smith Wins Short Story Aurora, Robert J Sawyer Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Douglas Smith wins another Aurora Award at the CanCon 2013 convention.

smith douglasCanCon has just concluded the Aurora Awards and Amazing Stories is very pleased to learn that Douglas Smith has won the Best Short Fiction category for his story The Walker Of The Shifting Borderland.

Douglas is a regular weekly contributor to Amazing Stories with his Playing the Short Game series on writing short fiction. (Kinda makes ya wanna read it now, huh?) and had an excerpt of his new novel The Wolf At the End Of the World published here not too long ago.

From everyone here at Amazing Stories, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS! Douglas.

By way of celebration, Douglas is offering a free download of his Aurora Award Winning story that you can download here

Robert J. Sawyer, long-time champion of Canadian Science Fiction, received a Lifetime Achievement Award at CanCon. Read what he has to say on his blog.

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