Doctor! Doctor Who? Why it’s Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who

At last, the new Doctor Who has been revealed. On Sunday night the BBC announced the new casting live across the world in a 30 minute show, full on interviews and chatter. Matt Smith ruled out a female doctor in the early part of the programme when he revealed a conversation he had with the ‘guy’ who is replacing him.

From Matt Smith’s interview we were also able to understand that it would be an established actor, putting the fan’s favourite Peter Capaldi even more in the running. A shot of a nervous hand squeeze with a wedding ring appeared to be that of an older gentleman and then Peter stepped out from the smoke to a huge applause from the audience.

Presenter Zoe Ball then interviewed Peter about the process and how it feels to be the new doctor. They also discussed his famous spin doctor role as Malcolm Tucker in ‘The Thick of It’. There are lots of references to his Tucker character (known for his use of the ‘F’ word), but I think these all show the brilliance of this actor and how exciting it is going to be to see him portray a the next doctor.

Interestingly though no one mentioned that he was previously in Torchwood: Children of Earth as well as a small role in Doctor Who in 2008, which considering its a spin-off show from Doctor Who could be a tad confusing for some (although saying that I’ve seen many a bit-part actor appearing in both Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice as different characters and those show had regular cross over episodes).

Who is Peter Capaldi?

For those that don’t know, Peter is a 55 year old Scottish actor born and raised in Glasgow. He has started in various film and television shows but here are a few that you may have seen him in:

  • World War Z
  • The House
  • The Thick of It/ In The Loop
  •  Torchwood

He is also in the upcoming ‘The Musketeers’ TV series and the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ retelling film ‘Meleficent’ film starting Angelina Jolie as the evil Disney villain.

What do you think about Peter as the Doctor?


Image source: MTV

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