Con Report Balticon 53

Notes on atending Balticon 53

The last Balticon I attended was probably 1980.  Wow.  39 years.  Huh.

Anyway.  I’m happy to be here, and I really mean that.  I drove down – a 9.5 hour ordeal that should have taken 7 – was nearly side-swiped by a work van and was almost run off the road by a tractor trailer that suddenly found its lane blocked by a breakdown and with no where to go except my lane.  Where I was.

Not to mention the numerous sudden stops, idiots that don’t know how to merge, the two young guys making fun of my bopping to the music, the heat (it’s warm south of NH!)…

But I’m here.  It’s a different hotel, a different crew and a different look 39 years on.  I’m surprised at the relatively large number of younger fans, a good sign.

I hooked up with Design Guru Kermit, met Rosemary Claire Smith, Daniel Kimell, Scott Edelman, saw Greg Benford, met Samuel Tomiano (,

Met the artist behind the Zombie Sgt Pepper art – Kriev. The guy is from MA, and will be linked to in news on Sunday.

Saw some interesting exhibits and got the Amazing Stories booth set up.

Had dinner at the hotel eatery with Rosemary and Kermit…decent, but nothing special and, naturally, too expensive (hotel restaurant, no surprise).

More tomorrow.

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