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There’s still some copies left!

1 front coverDuring the week of our roll-out of the hilarious science fiction parody comic A Doctor for the Enterprise, we sold over half of our limited edition copies – but we’ve still go something under half of them left.

You can order them right here on site (in our store).

If that’s not a strong enough pitch, check out our “The Making Of” post and/or the numerous image & cover reveals we’ve published over the past 27 month odyssey of bringing this classic bit of science fiction humor to print.


A Doctor for the Enterprise is a signed and numbered limited edition of 500 copies.  Authored by David Gerrold and illustrated by Troy Boyle, this 24 page, full color science fiction parody brings together Doctor Who, Star Trek:TOS and a surprise ending.

It represents the new Amazing Stories’s first foray into print publication.


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