COMIC WATCH: Anticipa….

A Doctor for the Enterprise – on its way to California for signing! Follow its progress with our COMIC WATCH map feature!

The David Gerrold authored, Troy Boyle illustrated comic – A DOCTOR FOR THE ENTERPRISE is nearing the finish line and you can track its progress through our nifty, low-tech tracking program!

Follow the bundle of numbered, limited edition comics as they crisscross their way across the country.



PACKAGE ONE – REVIEW COPIES:  ETA – Today, September 30th, 2014, at the fabulous time-and-space spanning Amazing Stories HQ in Hillsboro, NH

PACKAGE TWO – NUMBERED COLLECTOR COPIES:  ETA – October 2nd, 2014 at Casa Gerrold, Sunny California

NEXT LEG:  Casa de Gerrold to Troy Boyle in the blue grass hills of Kentucky


Following a nightmarish power outage, A Doctor For the Enterprise is inked, spun, pressed, layered, assembled, collated, folded, bound and trimmed.  It makes its escape in two corrugated cardboard boxes bound for California…it’s been through an ordeal, but looks much the nicer for it.  A small sub-group take an alternate path to New Hampshire.

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