Chicon 8 Underway – Announces Awards

Worldcon happens – right now!

From sources various and sundry, including Chicon 8 and File 770, the 80th World Science Fiction Convention, being held in Chicago, Illinois for the 8th time in its history (the first Worldcon, NYCON 1, was held in Manhattan, NY in 1939.  World War II interrupted, which is why this is the 80th, and not the 83rd, Worldcon) announced its award bases (images here) and announced several Fan – activity based awards –

George Price was awarded the First Fandom Award (First Fandom is the group of fans who participated in Fandom during its founding years)

and August Derleth was awarded the Posthumous First Fandom Award.


Doug Ellis and Deb Fulton were jointly awarded the Sam Moskowitz Archive Award

and Mark Linneman was awarded the prestigious Big Heart Award.

Congratulations, especially to our good friend Doug Ellis!

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