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A Safe Place in the Galaxy: Post-Apocalyptic Refugees in The Vela...

Jim C. Hines...Janitors of the post apocalypse...what's not to love?

The Book Of Dust Volume Two: The Secret Commonwealth by Philip...

Is Pullman's latest up to snuff?

10 Fantastically Fierce Books Like CIRCE By Madeline Miller

Did you love Madeline Miller’s Circe? You’re not alone! Miller’s irresistible novel gives voice to Circe, the crooked witch we all know—or think we know—from The...

Snowflake Flash Fiction for Winter

Experimenting with flash

Burning Bridges?

In this world of social media and hacking and etc., anything you say anywhere anytime EVER can come back to bite you.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Surviving Death, by G.R. Lyons

An excerpt from a gay paranormal romance novel

Peter F Hamilton on having his work adapted by Netflix

Peter F. Hamilton is coming to TV; here's what he thinks about that.

10 Kids Books about Inventors to Inspire YoungCreators

Get those kids started young!
moon anomaly - NASA

SPACE: So What Made the Huge Crater on the Moon’s Dark...

We ALL know the REAL answer is: Moon Base Alpha!

The Infinite Noise: Interview with Lauren Shippen

An interview with the author of a story about internal superpowers - based on a Podcast series!


FULL MOON FEATURES is your virtual ticket to mind-blowing horror, sci-fi, fantasy and cult movie entertainment

Exclusive Excerpt & Cover Reveal: Catfishing on CatNet by Naomi Kritzer

Cat Pictures Please? Naomi Kritzer's novel is coming early November, 2019

Interview: Monica Duncan, Author of ‘Twine’

Monica Duncan’s debut novel Twine is the beautiful story of a young woman who builds a life she never could have imagined in a...

Before Mars by Emma Newman Review

Visit a Mars colony set up for both scientific research and a reality show in Emma Newman's Before Mars

This Is How You Lose the Time War Solves the Time...

Time waits for no love

Myths & More: The Mythic Dream, edited by Navah Wolfe and...

New myths and old, a new anthology explores both

New To Netflix: Unbelievable

A story of unspeakable trauma, unwavering tenacity, and astounding resilience. Netflix’s new limited series Unbelievable is inspired by real events where a teen reports and...

A Carnival of One’s Own

E. Catherine Tobler, author of the up-coming The Grand Tour reveals where her love of carnivals has its origins

The Dollmaker by Nina Allan book review

Nina Allen's last two novels, The Race and The Rift, could be classed as science fiction without too much of a stretch, The Dollmaker is something quite different.

Mattel Introduces World’s First Gender-Neutral Doll

Hmmm...a doll that can be marketed to 100% of all children....

TV: Lynda Carter to Reprise Role as Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter will be returning to the role that made her famous

G. L. Carriger’s The 5th Gender is a Genre-Smashing Good Time

The 5th Gender - a cozy mystery science fiction and queer romantic comedy with a healthy dose of social commentary

Why are Books That Shape? From Codices to Kindles, Why ThisRectangle...

Anyone who has ever tried to organize their bookshelves can tell you that books are not a standard size. In fact, even books that...

The Stars Now Unclaimed: A Space Adventure Debut

A review of the debut novel The Stars Now Unclaimed by Drew Williams’

I Had One Writing Ritual and I Gave It Up

Writing rituals - when to use them and when to give them up

The Jargon and Slang of the Fantastic

In this expose by author and SFWA member Ken Pelham, writers are cautioned not to get trapped by jargon and slang

Chris McCrudden’s top 5 campest robots in the universe

Sociall awkward robots are apparently a 'thing' in our genre.

Looking Glass by Christina Henry exclusive book cover reveal and excerpt

An advanced look at Looking Glass, a collection of novellas by Christina Henry