Magnetically-Controlled Organic Microbots Could Change Medicine in the Next Ten Years

Researchers have developed a microbot made from algae that solves some problems with the tech

Here’s how to prove that you are a simulation and nothing...

A fascinating outcome of all this speculation is that we have no way of knowing what the true reality of existence really is.

The Plimp is a plane-blimp mashup that promises safe air transport...

Who knew? Plane plus Blimp equals "Plimp"!

Mars Landing: NASA’s InSight Is Built for Absurd Conditions | WIRED

InSight attempts its landing thtis coming Monday.

Reversing Climate Change With Geoengineering Could Leave the Planet Worse Off

OMG: Geoengineering could destroy the planet!

Space Shuttle First Flights: Mike Mullane (“No Place for Civilians”)

Astronaut Mike Mullane knew Shuttle was an experimental spaceship sitting atop highly volatile explosives. When NASA allowed civilians to ride they were implying it was safe when it was not. Unfortunately, he was right.

Artificial Organs: We’re Entering an Era Where Transplants Are Obsolete

Experts believe we may be nearing an era where organ transplantation will no longer be necessary

A Third Probe Has Landed on Asteroid Ryugu—but It Has Just...

A German-French probe called MASCOT is now collecting valuable data from the surface of Ryugu, an asteroid located 190 million miles from Earth. But...

Review: Robin Hood, F.R.S. by Arthur C. Clarke

Though pivotal to the plot, the science in Arthur C. Clarke’s Robin Hood, F.R.S. is noticeably dated (nearly sixty years), leaving the reader with questions and doubt rather than the anticipated wonder.

Partial Lunar Eclipse Today

Lunar eclipse today

See a Gargantuan Dust Storm Covering the North Pole of Mars

I keep tell you - space camels are the solution! Dust storm? We don't see no stinkin dust storm!

Partial Review: The SF Chapter of Neurotribes by Steven Silberman

Neurotribes presents SF fandom as a functioning example of a neurodiverse society

French designer creates womblike habitat for space tourists

French designer creates hotel rooms for Axiom Space, a company that hopes to attach a hotel module to the ISS in 2020.

VR and the Olympics

VR technology is not only wowing viewers, its also providing the background for new story ideas

New Theory: The Universe is a Bubble, Inflated by Dark Energy

OK. Maybe the universe is a bubble in a glass of cosmic chocolate milk

Apollo 11: Man On the Moon – 45 Years Ago...

Forty five years ago today, the United States landed a man on the Moon and returned him safely to the Earth.

Scientists Might Have Just Figured Out Where Nightmares Come From

Where do nightmares come from? The right half of their cerebral cortex, that's where

NASA-Funded Research Will Let Unmanned Spacecraft “Think” Using AI and Blockchain

Unmanned space vehicles will increasingly need to think for themselves the farther from Earth they get.

Space Shuttle First Flights: STS-1 (Columbia) The First Orbital Flight

Our Shuttle flight software team had the “distinction” of hearing Walter Cronkite describe, live and on national television, whether we’d done our work correctly.

Citizen astronomers discover new planet that NASA algorithms missed

Most don't know that many, many, many astronomical discoveries have been made by "amateurs"

Life in the Solar System Likely Exists and is More Common...

The existence of Life elsewhere in the solar system is moving from maybe to almost certainly

Incredibly creepy skull-shaped asteroid is going to cruise by Earth next...

That creepy, skull-faced asteroid is heading back towards Earth

Why nothing in the universe may be real – God is...

Could we be untethered consciousnesses floating in our own delusions? Yes.

Scientists discover structure within the Sun’s atmosphere

I'm guessing that those science textbooks I read in high school are somewhat out of date

Bell flying taxi shows what commuting above the traffic might one...

I sure hope Corbin Dallas's face isn't on the driver's license.

It Looks Like Europa’s Surface Is Covered With Gigantic Shards of...

First we hope for water, water, everywhere. Now we're pissed that we've found it....

Baby Gas Giants Discovered in Orbit Around a Distant Star |...

Just you wait until those baby planets get to the "terrible twos"

You could soon be manufacturing your own drugs—thanks to 3D printing

It's probably a good thing that 3D printed chemistry wasn't around in the 60's

New AI Classifies the Chance of Life on Other Worlds –...

Advanced Neural Networks are being trained to help identify possible life-supporting planets.