In space, there really might be no place like home |...

Great Filters may be responsible for our galactic "desert"

NASA Plans to Develop Mars Drone at Arctic Research Base

NASA plans on testing some flying machines in the most Martian landscape on Earth. Care to guess where?

Apollo 11 in HD

Most coverage of the first lunar landing doesn't show the complete picture. But now you can see it better than ever before.

How-To: Building a Dyson Sphere

Start with a ring world....

Scientists are producing deadly zoonoses on this tiny German island

Zoonoses - no, not a display of nostrils from across the animal kingdom, they're deadly diseases that can spread from animals to humans.

A Finnish Startup Is Making Food out of Carbon Dioxide

Solar Foods is using renewable energy and the carbon dioxide polluting our air to create an environmentally friendly alternative protein. Source: A Finnish Startup Is...

Is it possible to ‘replay the tape’ of evolution? – Futurity

Is evolution repeatable. The late Stephen Jay Gould said No. Others beg to differ.

He Ain’t Heavy – He’s My Brother

Astronomer's discover our 'solar sibling', a star born at the same time, and out of the same nebula, as our own.

New Quantum Device Can “Generate All Possible Futures”

I just want the possible future where I win the Mega Millions....

Evolutionary Biologist: Mars Colonists Will Mutate Really Fast

There may come a day when a parent says to their child "you can't marry a Martian, they're different!". And that parent would be right.

NASA Just Released an Incredible Map of All Known Exoplanets

This map is SO cool, even though we linked to it in news, it bears repeating!

Buzz Aldrin Calls For “Great Migration of Humankind to Mars”

"We explore, or we expire. That is why we must get on with it.” Buzz Aldrin

Is This the Future of Web Comments?

Why did Popular Science shut down reader comments? Reader interaction through comments is vital to the longevity of internet blogging. Yet, there is a growing concern over the impact these comments might have on the legitimacy of the articles being posted.

Russia Says “Super Soldiers” Can Crash Computers With Telepathy

Yes. And there are men who might be with the CIA who can kill goats with their minds....

Happy Pi Day

Today is national celebrate an irrational number day!

Crab Nebula Has Hit Earth with Highest-Energy Light Ever Recorded

Six thousand five hundred years ago, a high-energy photon was born in the Crab Nebula (remnant of a supernova observed by Chinese astronomers); today it reached Earth

NASA Invests in Shapeshifters, Biobots, Other Visionary Technology

New technology investments by NASA

The Big Bang Theory Recap: Season 8, Episode 11: The Clean...

The side story of Raj’s parents’ separation takes a turn for the worse as Raj explains that they’ve hired divorce attorneys. Completely ignoring any...

New Type of Super-Efficient Superconductivity Discovered

New types of superconductivity are always a good thing, even if they've no practical application

New Satellite Will Shift Shape While In Space

Shape-shifting in orbit. Does that make this UK vehicle a "were-satellite"?

The Abyss: Jupiter’s Black Spot – Neatorama

Jupiter may have 'holes'.

DNA Tattoos = Dattoos

When I was coming up, the only people who got tattoos were bikers, prisoners, or gang members. Of course, times have changed. It seems everyone has a tattoo now. And even my 15-year-old daughter wants one (Me: “Uh, no.”) But…I almost have to say yes to a dattoo. What is a dattoo, you ask? Read on…

Apollo 8 (Christmas 1968)

The crew of Apollo 8 delivered a special Christmas message from the Moon forty-six years ago this week.

The Shape of Things to Come?

the shape of planes as we know them could be drastically different

Killer Asteroids: Can We Track Them?

If an asteroid the size of an 18-wheeler collided with Earth it would cause massive destruction. And since there are a lot of these, can we at least keep an eye on where they are? Not very well.

The Apollo Program, A Personal Journal: Phil Shaffer

Phil Shaffer, an Apollo Flight Director and Assistant Chief of the NASA Houston Flight Dynamics Branch, was yet another extraordinary NASA veteran.

A new mineral has been created in a scientific lab, and...

They still had me at 'Bheer'...