Looking for Bigfoot

Investigating cryptocurrency might be more profitable than investigating cryptozoology

6 video games that can help older players focus and relax

Yeah, relax. Video games do anything but relax me.

A comet ‘burps’ as a satellite watches the whole thing

Comet 46P/Wirtanen has gas, and TESS was there to see it

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Water Bears

So far as we know, they can't be used for FTL travel

Researchers find a lack of sleep makes the brain lean on...

Want to cure your anxiety? Deep sleep.

Scientists find a new way to measure gravity

Scientists use lasers that suspend atoms in air to measure gravity.

SPACE: Are Stars Throwing Comets At Us?

We've now identified three intersteallar visitors...and there are billions of comets in the Oort Cloud. Could it be that most of them are from other stars?

Prove or disprove: A Nobel Prize winner’s approach to science

Do you know how the scientific method works? This Nobel Laureate does.

10 great physics courses you can take online right now, for...

If you can't attend the Launchpad Astronomy workshop, you might try one of these courses

New theory explains the light from black holes and neutron stars

Where's the light from black holes coming from? Gravity, scientists say.

Anatomical quirks: 10 things you didn’t know about your body

You may not know these things about yourself.

Anatomical quirks: 10 things you didn’t know about your body

Though we've learn a lot about ourselves in the last two centuries, it's still clear there's much we don't know.

SPACE: There’s a Secret Russian Satellite

Spy Sats update

SPACE: What Does It Take to Be a Moon?

The IAU has no formal definition. What. A. Scandal.

RNA in Spaaaaace… ?

The find gives fresh fuel to the idea that the essential building blocks of life on Earth were forged in space, before crash-landing on our young planet billions of years ago

Was Same Sex Behavior Hardwired Into Animals Since the Beginning?

Is same-sex sex an evolutionary development, or has it always been there?

‘One among millions’: DNA is not the only genetic molecule

New research suggests that there could be millions of DNA-like structures supporting life.

Insects on Mars? Ohio scientist claims NASA images show life on...

I think they live next to the Face on Mars, but, your mileage may vary. (We're desperate to find evidence of life there, but that's no excuse for "woo-woo")

NASA Live: Spacewalk Right Now

Spacewalk live, now.

Scientists create precursor to life in thermal vent experiment

Experiment supports the idea that precursors of life formed around hydrothermal vents

How to spot a conman: Tim Harford discusses his new podcast.

Not strictly genre, but good advice nonetheless

SPACE: Could “Water Bear” DNA Help Us Survive on Mars?

If we co-opt Tardigrade DNA, will we be able to travel faster than light?

The world now has an Ebola vaccine, in historic EU approval

This is an important breakthrough in World Health

Understanding how ancient electrons began life on earth

"Our goal," says Poudel, "is to take early evolving enzymes and see how they could evolve into something more complex that we know exists today. That will help us determine how we could have evolved here on Earth, and what is possible on other planets."

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Want to prove aliens exist? Do this.

"I want to believe, but there's a problem. Facts."

The future of the mind: Exploring machine consciousness

This book assumes that humans themselves are "conscious". Recent events might suggest otherwise.

NASA Spacecraft Poised to Find Thousands of Alien Worlds

TESS takes to the skies to survey likely habitable worlds

WATCH: Dinosaurs traveled other parts of Milky Way than humans

Dinosaurs visited different parts of the Milkyway Galaxy than humans have

Puppy Stella knows 29 human words and how to use them

Stella has learned to use large buttons programmed with recordings of single words to string sentences together

Scientists are producing deadly zoonoses on this tiny German island

Zoonoses - no, not a display of nostrils from across the animal kingdom, they're deadly diseases that can spread from animals to humans.