Sci-Fi Short Film “The Long Slow Flight of the Ashbot”presented by...

And now, part III of the Robot Scriptures

Review: Childhood’s End, Nite 1

the producers had no understanding of what the books are about and no interest in finding out - Ursula K. Le Guin

“Regulation” Official Teaser | 12.19 Exclusive Premiere

This award winner will premiere tomorrow. Check out the trailer today

The Walking Dead Recap & Commentary

A look at each week's episodes by two opposing critics, presented in a conversational style

The Big Bang Theory Recap: S:9, E: 17: The Celebration...

Happy Birthday to Sheldon. Happy Birthday to Sheldon. he looks like a physicist and probably smells like one too!

Sending Messages: A Chat with METI’S Doug Vakoch

Is actively trying to contact ET a good idea? Dr. Vakoch thinks so.

Anime roundup 5/22/2014: Strange. Weird. Eerie.

In this week's viewing: Mushishi takes the week off, Nanana results in an informal poll about pronouns, and more!

Salvage: A short animated film by Geoffrey James

An animated short film, created by a single animator; the technology sure has come a long way!

Catch a glimpse of the BBC’s The City and the City...

Trailer for the BBC's production of Mieville's The City and The CIty


Steve repeats (with lots of new edits) a column from 2013 about one of his favourite movie series.

Film Review: The Maze Runner

Teenaged heart throbs abound in The Maze Runner
INFINITUS Q&A with Cameron Currin on Recursor.TV - behind the camera

Going Old-School with the Maker of Infinitus

With a desire to fuse the style of classics such as 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY with modern films such as SUNSHINE and INTERSTELLAR, Currin and his crew are going old-school

“Believe That A Black Man Will Fly”/ Final IconTrailer

ICON, an upcoming fan film, will make you believe a black man can fly

Pixar and the Triumph of Storytelling

Those of us who like genre tales know that the boldest and most intelligent story-tellers often deal in SF and fantasy. In Hollywood today, many of them also work in animation.

Anime roundup 3/19/2020: The Other Side

In this week's viewing: ID: Invaded shows the villain's hidden side, Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun and Magia Record have fun with mirrors, and more!

Anime roundup 6/5/2014: Friendship Is Magic

In this week's viewing: Nanana and Brynhildr celebrate the power of friendship, and more!

“HUM” Teaser | September 26th Exclusive DUSTPremiere

Quantum physics calls in a plumber


Quantum travel may leave something behind

Peter F Hamilton on having his work adapted by Netflix

Peter F. Hamilton is coming to TV; here's what he thinks about that.

The Orville Season 2 Trailer

Six minutes until we're all baked potatoes

COSMOS Premieres Tomorrow

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil deGrasse Tyson premeires tomorrow

Altered states: why we’re suckers for different cuts of the same...

There's something almost religious about this phenomenon – the knowledge that there was a select group of disciples to whom the truth had been revealed.


This week Steve retros back to 1958, taking a look at a fantasy musical, “Damn Yankees,” with Tab Hunter and Gwen Verdon. Did he like it? Seems like it, doesn’t it?

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

Websites Devoted To SF's Greatest (Serialized) Heroes - Buck Rogers & Flash Gordon

New “Picard” Trailer, and a Release Date

Star Trek: Picard. (Just wondering when we're going to see Star Trek: Kirk, or Star Trek: Sisko, or even - my vote - Star Trek: McCoy

Sci-Fi Short Film “Starian” presented by DUST

Two young women explore an alien planet, with the intention of opening a mysterious canister

Sci-Fi Short Film “Contact” presented by DUST

Not Sagan's Contact, but an interesting animated take

The Vault: Survivor

Get drawn in to this apocalyptic vision, the first in a series

TV Review: The Leftovers

Summer much antici....

Film Review: Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is a victim of auteurism