5 Fun Sci-Fi Web Series You May Have Overlooked

Five indie SF series you ought to check out

Be Better Than Yesterday: Star Wars: Resistance Reborn by Rebecca Roanhorse

The reigning Best New Writer turns in a Star Wars novel


Many of us loved the old Creepshow movies, but Greg Nicotero did something about it. It’s back, baby!

DUST: Horizons | Now the #1 Sci-Fi Podcast on Apple

DUST is the first multi-platform destination for binge watchable sci-fi. Now it's an Apple hit.

Anime roundup 11/14/2019: Fighting Ugly

In this week's viewing: Dr. Stone's villains find an unpleasant way to fight, Kemono Michi is just unpleasant, and more!

Sci-Fi Short Film “World Builder” presented by DUST

If only it were this easy for writers


A strange little ditty with a disturbing ending.

Sci-Fi Short Film “CC” | Starring Jewel Staite | DUST Exclusive

We showed you the trailers yesterday - this is a MUST watch!

“CC” Teaser | Starring Jewel Staite | November 7th Exclusive DUST...

Would you let your kids be cared for by an AI Nanny?

When Sci-Fi Becomes Reality

An interview with the creator of When Sci Fi Got It (Mostly) Right.

Sci-Fi Short Film “They Watch” presented by DUST

In an alternate future, an idealistic teen fights to expose the secrets of a corrupt system, unaware that someone is always watching.

Review: Iron Sky The Coming Race

A review of Iron Sky's sequel - The Coming Race.

Anime roundup 11/7/2019: Poker Face

In this week's viewing: Special 7 reveals unexpected connections, Welcome to Demon School puts its long-term plans in full view, and more!

Sending Messages: A Chat with METI’S Doug Vakoch

Is actively trying to contact ET a good idea? Dr. Vakoch thinks so.

Neibauer: Memento Ergo Sum Ep. 1

The holographically rebooted murder victims think they're people...but they're not.

Daylight Savings Sci-Fi Special | Sunday Night DUST

Check out these DUST releases you might have missed - a robot dishwasher in search of itself, AI sex aides, waiting for the end of the world and more shorts await

Apple TV+ Debuts. What Are the Critics Saying? BONUS FEATURE:...

PLOT REVEALS OF TWO EPISODES OF THE UPCOMING AMAZING STORIES!!! Plus some of the reviews are in for Apples new streaming service. It's being met with a resounding "Meh".

The War Of the Worlds 121st, 92nd & 81st Anniversaries

It's been 121 years since Wells unleashed the Martian invasion on us, and 81 years since Orson Welles made us take to the streets in panic.
A nun reaches from inside her coffin

Modern Myth and Meaning: Buried Alive

For hundreds of years, premature burial has captivated readers and viewers of fiction. Why are we so fascinated with this horrific event?

Anime roundup 10/31/2019: Known Unknowns

In this week's viewing: No Guns Life raises questions, Special 7 raises even more questions, Amazon Video leaves us all scratching our heads, and more!

Sci-Fi Short Film “Circles” presented by DUST

Scary, funny and twisty, perfect for Halloween

An Hour of Terrifying Sci-Fi | Sunday Night DUST

DUST for Halloween "treats"

Horizon: Ep. 1 – The Arrival

watch Horizon: Episode 1 - The Arrival

Anime roundup 10/24/2019: Double Dragons

In this week's episode: Kemono Michi adds dragons, Special 7 explains its dragons a bit, and more!

HPlus: Digital Series Ep. 1

Brain implants. What could possibly go wrong

“Orbit” Teaser | Premiering October 24th Exclusively on DUST

The Tell Tale Heart goes to space!

Spooktober Sci-Fi Films | Sunday Night DUST

Not watching Watchmen or TWD? Try binging on Dust
La luz en el cerro

La Luz en el Cerro. Premiada Película Peruana Gratis en Retina...

A Peruvian horror film is recommended

Anime roundup 10/17/2019: The Dark Side

In this week's viewing: The last few premieres turn grim, and most of the season lineup is set.

Continuum: Episode 1

Recursor starts a new series - a mystery aboard a starship