Review – Mr Nobody (the best film you’ve never heard of)

The full 158 minute director’s cut is simply one of the best films I have ever seen.

Anime roundup 6/6/2019: Raising the Death Flag

In this week's viewing: Dororo and Midnight Occult Civil Servants make it really clear who's going to die, Attack on Titan tries for some misdirection, and more!

Anime roundup 4/30/2020: Taking the Plunge

In this week's viewing: Listeners sets up a classic falling villain, My Next Life as a Villainess gets the main plot going, and more!

Your Majesty, I’m So Over You

Ranks and titles are powerful tools in the fantasy writer's toolkit. What a shame they are used so unimaginatively in general. I offer some inspiration alongside your weekly dose of young fogeyishness.

Anime roundup 9/11/2014: Things Are Seldom What They Seem

In this week's viewing: Nothing goes as expected, from the latest introduction in Sailor Moon to everything in Hunter x Hunter!

Down Under Video Reviews: “Red Billabong” and “Glitch”

Stand on your head! This week, Steve looks at two Australian video imports: one a film and one a TV series. Look for the series on Netflix soon!

Female Heroes in Literature

For my birthday last year, I went to the cinema to watch the popular—and somewhat controversial—Hunger Games. Well, controversial among some critics and followers...

Anime roundup 11/27/2014: It’s Full of Stars

In this week's viewing: Celestial Method builds friendships through astronomy, Gugure! Kokkuri-san performs an extended riff on a classic, and more!


a review of a collection of mystical Bolivian fairy tales.

Review: Errant Spark by Ronelle Antoinette

Errant Spark by Ronelle Antoinette is a new romantic fantasy novel that is proof that sometimes gems slip through the publishing cracks – but not for long.

Local Author Makes Good

Amazing Stories pays a visit to the author of Colony Lost, Chris Philbrook

A Little Game of Three-Hobbit Monte

A discussion of the pitfalls of movie rights agreements in regards to the Hobbit franchise.

Review – Anime by Colin Odell & Michelle Le Blanc

Anime is not intended as a definitive guide, but as wide ranging introduction to the field. Even so, seasoned anime watchers will find the book valuable for the opinions expressed

Mocking Jay Trailer Suggests Film May Be Better Than the Book

Sometimes...sometimes the movie is actually better than the book. The Hunger Games' Mockingjay trailer suggests we may be seeing one of those rare times when this is so.


Sometimes great books come and go, waiting for another chance to be discovered and given the place on our bookshelves they truly deserve. Sword...

Colección Ámbar: Lo mejor del fantástico cubano

Now that Cuba is opening up, it's time to take a look at its genre offerings

REVIEW: F&SF July-August 2020 (Part II)

Steve finishes a two-part review of the July-August issue of F&SF—the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. It’s an excellent issue of a top SF/F magazine!

Fall 2016 SF Anime Preview

A look at what's coming your way from the anime world in October.

Anime roundup 8/2/2013: Take a Number

Gatchaman Crowds #3 - This is the first sf work I know of to grapple full-on with the implications of widespread social networking....

Interview with Science Fiction Critic Gary K. Wolfe

An interview with Gary K. Wolfe discussing his work as a reviewer and his opinions about the Science Fiction genre.

Anime roundup 8/20/2013: And They Made a Most Agreeable Thump When...

In this week's viewing: It's that late-season moment when the plot cards are all on the table and fisticuffs break out in all directions!
Smaug the Golden - Sunila Sen Gupta

Hobbit Art – Before the Movie (well, almost)

Kia ora and welcome to my new Visual Arts blog on Amazing Stories! First up, let's have some Hobbit art. Let me state this outright: I am not going to try to determine who is the "greatest artist" in the fandom. I am not particularly interested in who is the most technically proficient, or the most outrageously inventive. Who gets the biggest fees, the most prestigious projects, has the greatest fan base, or who, by whose definition, is the “most famous”. I like to feature art I like.

RWBY: The Anime-Inspired Webseries I Can’t Stop Talking About

Morgana Santilli talks about what makes RWBY a great animated series, and webseries.

Anime roundup 11/26/2015: Getting Warmer

In this week's viewing: Concrete Revolutio fills in more puzzle pieces, Utawarerumono finds its way back to a plot, and more!

Anime Roundup 7/3/2014: Out With a Bang

In this week's viewing: Epic fireworks are ahead with the conclusion of Brynhildr and a look back at Hunter x Hunter's Chimera Ant arc.

Anime roundup 5/1/2014: All Things Foul and Dangerous

In this week's viewing: hideous psychic creatures, blobby parasitic ones, and more!

The Artful Collector: The Major Awards for Artists and ART: The...

Browsing through my photo file yielded one of me taken at the 16th annual Chesley Awards, 2001, accepting an award for one of the...

Interview with SFWA Grand Master Ursula K. Le Guin

R. K. Troughton interviews Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Grand Master Ursula K. Le Guin.

Noticias Literatura 30-9

Announcing the impending release of Ulthar issue 14 and Blaster magazine announces the Arrakis Space Opera contest

Convención : Uroboros 2020

Announcing the International Convention of Fantasy Literature, Horror and Science Fiction - Uroboros