Book 9 of the Expanse has just been revealed: Leviathan Falls

…and a forthcoming short will conclude the series

Leviathan Falls - Book 9 of the Expanse Cover The composite entity known as James S.A. Cory (Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) sat for a 12-minute crowdcast to reveal the title and cover of the final Expanse novel, Book 9. Although they wouldn’t give up any details on what happens in the book, except that it wraps things up, they did promise one more novella after the book was released. Publication date sometime…next…year.

If you can wait.

They’re also planning on putting all the novellas into a collection and release it as one book.

Although there are no more Expanse universe books planned, the authors have a three book project in the works with Orbit. Talking about the new series, Daniel said that “it’s a very different project…the way that the Expanse was our playing in the Larry Niven, Alfred Bester part of science fiction, the new ones are…the disappointing love child of Frank Herbert and Ursula K. Le Guin.

The cover art is by Daniel Docu, and the authors talked about how lucky they’d been to have him work on the books.

You can watch the crowdast here:

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