Zack Kushner


    kushner zackTerry Gilliam’s Time Bandits had a rather significant effect on Zack Kushner as a child. Since then, he has devoured, written about, and made films. Most recently, those efforts have centered around the San Francisco Bay Area cinema blog Stand By For Mind Control, where he writes and edits under the reasonable pseudonym, The Evil Genius. Zack, in his non-spare time, also operates a professional writing and content strategy company. His science fiction story, The Limits of Attraction, appeared in Crony Magazine’s inaugural issue.

    On a more personal level, Zack once hitchhiked down the Vegas strip wearing nothing but shoes, a hat, and a barrel with straps. There are photographs. Another time, he started to chase a 20′ python through the jungles of Malaysia, then decided he’d rather not. That’s called waffling. He worked on feature films assisting famous people who turned out to be quite personable. He’s spent years working in film development and production and continues to write material for the screen. He has a degree in Film and Theater that he forgot to list on his resume for two years. No one noticed.

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