Tom Auxier

Auxier Tom
Tom Auxier is an author, editor, and games writer from Amherst, MA. He consumes media enthusiastically, be it games, comics, anime, movies, books, what have you, and writes fiction about very strange things happening.

He loves the original Wizard of Earthsea trilogy, experimental games like Journey, insane anime like Bakemonogatari, and X-Men comics, and has far too thought out opinions on all of them. He secretly longs for life to be like a post-apocalyptic story.

He co-founded video game think tank Nightmare Mode, where you might have read one of his hundreds of pieces, and now writes and edits for Pixels or Death. His short fiction doesn’t yet appear online, but he will tell you when it does.n the other hand, he’s deathly allergic to zombies. If he sees a zombie, he will literally burst out in hives and stop breathing. Please don’t show him zombies.



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