Terence Jackson

jackson jackTerence Jackson was born at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. His father was in the U.S. Air Force and his mother was a nurse prior to having children.

Terence’s credits his love for the written word to his mother, an avid reader who taught him to read years before he began schooling.

His first novel, Thirty Days and Counting, is filled with insights into his own life and his family history. Though fictionalized, there are a lot of truths in his work. His second novel, Von Dred, is a lenghty vampire tale that covers over a century in the life of William Smythe, the main character. Von Dred was inspired by Terence’s love of the vampire genre and a student of his at North Dakota State University who in fact designed the cover for the book. His next work is a sequel to Von Dred which was published in the Fall of 2010 – The Book of Jacob. Jacob brings the Von Dred story full circle with twists and turns and a few other surprises.

Terence is now working on a series of books about vampires who inhabit the unused and abandoned tunnels that crisscross underneath the city of London. The first of the series – Thavs – was published in July of 2012. The next in the series will be Thom Blood, Bloody Confessions, and Tunnel of Blood. The series is called Blood Underground.

Other things are in the works, not just vampire stories.

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