Susan Gray


Gray susanSusan Gray is a playwright, writer and PhD student at Royal Holloway. A Londoner born and bred, she grew up surrounded by SF and Fantasy from an early age – her first acting claim to fame was an an ensign in the Star Trek Experience in Orlando when she was 6 years old.

She loves reading SF, citing favourites such as Arthur C Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Doris Lessing, Philip K Dick, Greg Egan, Ursula K LeGuin, Adam Roberts, Samuel Delany and Stanislaw Lem to name but a few.

She writes SF Plays and hopes that her research will help to thrust SF theatre into the limelight along with the influx of SF theatre companies all over the world. Her SF play A Christmas Gift was staged in December last year and she is working on getting more produced before the year is out. She aims to locate and plug all those who do marvellous theatrics in the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy!

You can find her here:

She is co-organising Stage the Future, an SF Theatre conference in April 2014, with Christos Callow Jr. Read more about it here and see how you can get involved:

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