Sean McPharlin

mcpharlin seanIf approached cautiously, for he is prone to spooking, Sean McPharlin may be found lurking in the fog banks of northern California, where he writes screenplays, novels, and the film blog Stand By For Mind Control, where he posts under the unassuming name of the Supreme Being.

He is the co-author of the science fiction comedy I’ll Believe You, and the writer/director of the science fiction short The Scientist.

His other screenplays are too numerous to name (and having yet to be produced, it’s a fair bet you’ve not heard of them). In 1981, at the tender age of ten, his favorite movie was An American Werewolf In London.

His tastes since have remained peculiar. The vast amount of energy he spends watching, thinking about, and writing about movies could, if properly bottled, fuel a mission to Neptune, which he’d quite like to visit.



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