Ro Nagey

nagey roRo Nagey is a science writer with some 40 years experience. A graduate of the University of Michigan, her degree was in Engineering Science, a theoretical midpoint between Engineering and Physics. Her first writing was for the magazine, Automation, which coined the word.

A recognized expert in industrial computer control, she published hundreds of articles and edited several books on industrial motion and control. She has represented tech companies such as Apple Computer, Allegiant Technologies, Runtime Revolution and her own software company, Royal Software, at conventions and seminars in America and Europe. Apple Computer sold her software, LiveCard, and featured it during a keynote presentation at the Apple Developers’ Conference. She helped create the Masters of Education (Computers) at Johns Hopkins University.

Ro also achieved fame as an improvisational comedian, appearing throughout America and Canada over a seven-year period. Along with performing, Ro directed actors in New York in two original plays.

Ro also is a long-time science fiction fan, attending her first convention in 1973. She created, along with the Stilyagi Air Corps, ConFusion, the science fiction con originally held in Ann Arbor and now in Detroit. The January, 2014 ConFusion will be the 40th iteration of the convention. She published the fanzine “Cap’n Ro’s Whiz Bang”. Once called “one of the two funniest writers in fandom” by Mike Glicksohn, Ro’s most famous bit of fannish writing was “The Secret Handgrip of Fandom”, based on a true story,  which originally appeared in Outworlds and has appeared elsewhere.

She is currently working on a general science book, “The Universe: From the Impossibly Small to the Unbelievably Large (and the important stuff in between)”.

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