Michaele Jordan


    jordan michaele author imageMichaele Jordan was born in Los Angeles, bred in the Midwest, educated in Liberal Arts at Bard College and in computers at Southern Ohio College. She has worked at a kennel and a Hebrew School and AT&T. She’s a bit odd.

    Now she writes, supervised by a long-suffering husband and a couple of domineering cats.

    Her credits include a recent novel published by Pyr Books, Mirror Maze, and a previous novel serialized in Jim Baen’s Universe, Blade Light. You will find her short stories floating around the ether—including Wizard in F&SF and numerous entries in Buzzy Mag, such as The Once and Future Cake and We’re All Super Here. Horror fans might also enjoy her Blossom series in The Crimson Pact anthologies.

    For more detail, she cordially invites you to visit her website, www.michaelejordan.com while waiting for her upcoming steam-punk adventure, Jocasta and the Indians.

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