Luis Cermeño

cermeno luisLuis Cermeño is a science fiction and fantasy writer born in Saravena, Colombia, a little young village near the Venezuelan-Colombian border. Most of his life he lived in Bogotá. No matter where he has always felt like an alien robotic life form.

Luis has published with the Colombian editor NORMA Noches de Oriente (2009). He has also published – in collaboration with Andrés Felipe Escovar- Tríptico de Verano y una Mirla (which has been published in three different editions, the last of their own Mil Inviernos). The short story “Té Vespertino” written between Luis and Andrés Felipe Escobar won the first videogame story contest created by Cinosargo Ediciones in Chile.

Luis has created and developed in Colombia and Peru, experimental writing platforms known as FUTUGRAMMA. In Lima he created the first story contest for schools called Yo soy el Robot, supported by ATA and Escuelab where he was recipient of a fellowship in 2010.

He is co-founder, editor and blogger of

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