Lesley Smith

smith lesleyIn a former life, Lesley Smith was a freelance journalist but she now writes fiction full time; she is currently working on various short stories and flash fiction as well as several novels.

When not writing, her favourite ways to relax include randomly riding Shadowmere around Skyrim, killing The Lich King/Diablo and drinking Starbucks’ signature hot chocolate with a shot of expresso. Lesley is also a keen baker and loves to do Zumba.

She is currently planning how she’s going to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse and lives in a quaint Norfolk market town with an ever-growing number of cats and her guide dog.

A self-confessed geek with a thing for computer games, Fringe, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who, Lesley is surgically connected to the internet and can be found lurking on Twitter (@LesleySmith) or Facebook.

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