owenby kyle author picKyle Owenby is an aspiring SF author who holds a BA from the University of North Georgia and an MA from the University of West Georgia, both in history. He has spent the last couple of years teaching freshman history courses. His  historical research centers on the relationship between Reformation era religious culture and violence. In the fall he will be a law student at Mercer University. His legal interests are on the intersection of technological advancements, society and the law.

Kyle and his wife live in one of the prettiest parts of rural northeast Georgia, though they’re also excited about moving for law school to one of the hottest parts of the state (cue satire…).

Kyle enjoys reading speculative fiction, thrillers and historical fiction, especially the classics, which is why he is currently working my way through the collected volumes of Edgar Allen Poe.

In what little of the summer he has left before starting law school he will be writing science fiction, mystery and occasionally fantasy stories, as well as dabbling in poetry and nonfiction essays, sketching and photography. His fiction often addresses the continuity of human nature for good and ill, despite technological sophistication and progress. When writing alternative history he considers how people offer unique responses to their circumstances.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kyle.owenby.12
Blogger: http://hereinblairsville.blogspot.com/

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