Joshua S. Hill

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Joshua S Hill is a writer from Melbourne, Australia:He is first and foremost a Christian, a lover of words, and a nerd.

Joshua currently works as Associate Editor for the Important Media Network as editor and contributing author at covering clean technology news. Joshua also writes at FantasyBookReview where he reviews all things written in fantasy, has interviewed some of the greatest authors currently writing, and sometimes expounds on the wonders of the genre. He can also be found writing at Medium.

He is currently working on any number of projects (“pick a number, any number!”) including a book on Godly Stewardship, a collection of short stories, submissions for various short story anthologies, several novels, projects, and miscellanea. He has short stories published in the Tomorrow Anthology published by Kayelle Press and ‘Manifesto’ from Angelic Knight Press.


He can be found all over the internet writing for all manner of publications, but to make it simple he’s at and

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