James Weber

weber jamesJames Weber is a Writer, Editor, and Blogger who has always held a special place in his heart for the Fantastic. Or at least that’s what his back story is supposed to start with. In reality he’s a secret agent. Shhh!! A SECRET agent! You’re not allowed to tell.

If you should ever find yourself having to answer questions about his whereabouts, character, affiliations etc. just stick to the story below:

As an undergraduate, James studied English Language and Composition at the University of Maryland and picked up a minor in Percussion. When not busy writing an endless quantity of term papers, or rehearsing for an absurd number of performance recitals, James participated in a campus fraternity focused on Philanthropy, Academics and building strong relationships within the community.

Now as a Library Technician at the University of Maryland, James is able to help readers find new material in a variety of subjects whether it be Math, English, French, Chemistry, Leisure Reading, Nuclear Launch codes . . . Wait. What?

This bio will self-destruct in
10 . . .
9 . . .
8 . . .
Self destruct sequence complete. Now go read!

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