James Palmer

palmer jamesJames Palmer has written articles, interviews, book reviews, and poetry for Strange Horizons, RevolutionSF.com, Tangent Online and other online and print publications.

His fiction has been published by Airship 27, Pro Se Productions, and White Rocket Books, and his stories appear in Gideon Cain: Demon Hunter, Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars and the forthcoming Mars McCoy: Space Ranger volume 2. He is also the author of the ebooks Slow Djinn and Four Terrors: Weird Horror Tales. Through his publishing imprint Mechanoid Press, James is also editor and publisher of the forthcoming title Monster Earth, an original giant monster anthology.

A recovering comic book addict, James lives in Northeast Georgia with his wife and daughter.

For more jacknapery, visit jamespalmerbooks.com, or follow James on Twitter @palmerwriter and @mechanoidpress.


James Palmer Books

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