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simpson j J. Simpson used to be very, very afraid of the dark. He started to stay up late, late into the night, staring into the shadows, waiting for the Bogeyman. He gradually became a creature of the darkness.

Famed horror author Clive Barker once claimed that he wrote, “religious fiction, though the phrase causes people to pale around the gills,” and then went on to say, “Where else can you credibly deal with the absolutes of good and evil or probe life beyond the grave? Where else can characters converse with the dead? Those are the same tools of the metaphysician…” Stories of gods and ghosts and demons and psychopaths suggest the existence of the soul. In the darkness, magick may occur, miracles may happen, as well as horrific acts of incomprehensible violence. It is worthwhile, to defy daylight and walk where angels fear to tread.

J. Simpson is the founder of the Forestpunk blog, which investigates music, philosophy, spirituality, media and critical theory. He is also the co-founder of Bitstar, a production/graphic design collective, based out of Portland, Oregon. He is fiercely dedicated to making the world a weirder and more wonderful space.

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