J. Jay Jones

jones j jayJ. Jay escaped life on his father’s Western Pacific Railroad when he was offered a job fighting wildfires with the Forest Service. For thirty-four fire seasons, as the populations of entire towns fled from three hundred foot wildfires, J. Jay ran toward the flames. Eventually he realized that it wasn’t nobility – it was endorphins suspending his rational thinking processes. He left ground pounding for aviation and managing air tanker bases, eventually working in dispatch.

He pursued an Electronics Applied Arts degree, spending some time building computers, running with the nerds, and soaking up video games like a sponge. He also jumped into photography and ran a color dark room for several years. He finally took the time to pursue a four year degree in history and picked up a Certificate for Technical Writing.

Some of his most rewarding work was as a graduate student, working as a Teacher’s Assistant, giving an occasional lecture, grading a lot of papers, and running labs for history courses. He also had the opportunity to work for several weeks as a Writer-Editor.

J. Jay recently got the screenplay bug. He believes the process of creating a screenplay can sharpen your creative eye and story organization for almost any writing project.


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