Guest Blogger

GUEST BLOGGER From time to time Amazing Stories will publish articles not written by one of the members of the Amazing Blog Team.

When such a monumental occurrence takes place, the contributing author will receive a by-line on the article itself. All such guest posts will appear, for archival purposes, as being by our Guest Blogger.


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Luis Cermeño

Luis Cermeño is a science fiction and fantasy writer born in Saravena, Colombia, a little young village near the Venezuelan-Colombian border. Most of his life he lived in Bogotá. No matter where he has always felt like an alien robotic life form. Luis has published with the Colombian editor NORMA Noches de Oriente (2009). He […]

Susana Sussmann

Nacida en España en 1972, creció y se educó en Venezuela, donde reside actualmente. Estudió física en la universidad, especializándose en cuerdas y supercuerdas, área en la que realizó dos tesis de investigación. Fue docente en física a nivel de pregrado en varias universidades venezolanas, la Universidad Simón Bolívar, su alma mater, la Universidad Central de Venezuela y la Universidad […]