Gene Mierzejewski

Gene place holderGene Mierzejewski had the good sense to choose a voracious science fiction reader as a father, so there was always a copy of Galaxy, If or F&SF, plus a few Ballantine and Ace paperbacks, kicking around the house during his formative years in the late 1950s.

After majoring in history and journalism at Wayne State University in Detroit, he began his 34-year newspaper career at his hometown weekly. He spent 25 years at the Flint (Mich.) Journal before retiring in 2008. At one time or another he was night editor, Sunday editor and books editor.

His only effort to sell a science fiction story was rejected by Ted White in 1974, but a porn story he wrote at 18 appeared in Adam Bedside Reader No. 42 alongside tales by Theodore Sturgeon (“Brownshoes”), Robert Silverberg (“Passengers”) and Harlan Ellison (“Commuter’s Problem” — if, indeed, Ellis Hart was a pseudonym Ellison used.).

Mierzejewski has no website and is a devout Luddite. Against his better judgment, he is on Facebook.

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