Feng Zhang

Feng Zhang has been a SF fan since he was about 13.

He is now active in SF fandom in both Mainland China and Hong Kong, where he is known by his nickname ‘Sanfeng’.

He is engaged in various activities such as writing SF comments and reviews, editing fanzines, organizing SF awards, and building SF-related databases.

He was one of the founders of New Realms of Fantasy and Science Fiction (2009-2012), a highly recognized SF&F webzine in China’s SF magazine history. He was also in charge of organizing the Sky Awards for Chinese SF&F (2009-2010) and the Coordinate Awards for Chinese SF Short Fiction (2015), both founded and administered by senior SF fans.

He has created and maintained multiple SF databases, most of which can be accessible through the Internet. Additionally, he has written hundreds of articles on SF news, history, books, movies, etc.

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