Ernest Lilley

Ernest Lilley has been reviewing and commenting on Science Fiction since the early 1990s, though he’d been reading it for a while before that.

He started as co-host on Sci-Fi Talk with Tony Tellado during its run in NYC and editor of the show’s magazine, Sci-Fi Talk Frequencies. When it went off the air in 1995, he’d become addicted to reviewing so he started SFRevu where he was Executive Editor until 2010, when he handed the reins over to Gayle Surrette, and ascended to the status of Editor Emeritus.

Since then he’s divided his reviews and author interviews between SFRevu and other publications, including his blog, being Ernest. He complied the Future Washington anthology for the WSFA Press, and someday would like to do an anthology on Dogs in SF.

Often found with his camera at cons, he’s a frequent photographic contributor to Locus Magazine.

He has also published TechRevu and has was the Mobility editor for

“I love technology, but not as an end in itself. I like problems, but more for the fun of solving them than having them solved. I don’t always like writing, but generally like having written. I like making boxes for things, whether they’re to organize books, widgets, data or ideas. I like drawing lines to connect things. I like paths. I’d love to live in a box, but usually, I’ll be found thinking outside of one.”

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