David Kilman

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADavid Kilman writes humorous science fiction in addition to his Scide Splitters blog at Amazing Stories Magazine.   He is a member of the Northern Colorado Writers Workshop.   Dave grew up in the pseudo space age and thought that he would be living on Mars by now.   Instead, he lives in Colorado Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak.   It may not be Mars, but he still probably has a nicer view out his window than you do.

At the same time that his nation was putting people on the moon, Dave’s English teachers dismissed science fiction as fanciful nonsense.   An F on his space-faring pig story in second grade set him on a path of rebellion.   As an adult, he chose to homeschool his children, raising engineers and other impractical dreamers, thus ensuring the future porcine population of Pluto.

Dave accidentally crashed the computer network of a major U.S. defense contractor as a child, leaving him reticent to engage in social networking.   He is getting over it and can now be found at his website davidakilman.com and on Twitter.

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