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David Hipple
David Hipple

David Hipple author imageDavid Hipple is a long-time devotee and student of sf. He lives in the UK and is what Steve terms a trailing member of the older crowd of sf fans—straddling the end of the genre’s relatively understated early development, and the start of its modern multimedia assault on the cultural mainstream. His recent academic research therefore deals with the culture and criticism of sf across media.

David started reading sf and other fantastic fiction in earnest around 1970, at a tender age. He first went to university at St Andrews in Scotland to study a mix of arts and sciences, leaving with a degree in literature, specialising in drama and Old- and Middle-English. He wrote his dissertation on fiction of the Gothic revival. He then became a professional university adminstrator in England, specialising in open and distance education.

After some years of that, David turned back to academia. His first MA had been in Education, but his second was in Science Fiction studies. That led to his Ph.D at the University of Reading, linking film and TV sf to the vast body of theory based on print sf. He is now working to establish a website dealing with discussion and development of theory and criticism of fantastic narratives (sf, fantasy, supernatural horror and surrealism) in all media.

Meanwhile, for no very obvious reason, David is also completing a BA degree in Philosophy and Psychology. One day he might get a proper job.

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