nutall christopherChristopher G. Nuttall is thirty years old – and has been reading science-fiction since he was five, when someone introduced him to children’s SF. Born in Scotland, Chris attended schools in Edinburgh, Fife and University in Manchester … before moving to Malaysia to live with his wife Aisha.

Chris has been involved in the online Alternate History community since 1998; in particular, he was the original founder of Changing The Times, an online alternate history website that brought in submissions from all over the community. Later, Chris took up writing and eventually became a full-time writer.

His professionally published books currently include The Royal Sorceress (steampunk alternate history), Bookworm (light fantasy) and A Life Less Ordinary (urban fantasy.) In the near future they will be joined by Sufficiently Advanced Technology (science-fiction/fantasy) and The Royal Sorceress II: The Great Game.

On Kindle, Chris has also produced The Empire’s Corps series, the Outside Context Problem series and many others.

Chris is also responsible for the two fan-made Posleen novels, both set in John Ringo’s famous Posleen universe. They can both be downloaded from his site.

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