Cedar Sanderson

sanderson cedarCedar Sanderson is a full-time student, mother of four and  author.

She grew up without television (or electricity) in the Alaskan bush. This and learning to read at age four have skewed her world toward books. A house full of books and a part-time librarian job keep that going to this very day.

She writes what she wants to read herself, or for her children, and hopes someday her children will like her books. (They seem to have gotten into her first novel, which is a good sign.)

She writes because she can’t help it, gets a story stuck in her head and has to write it out or it bothers her.

Now, she’s sharing some of her work. You can find her work on Amazon, or through Naked Reader Press (coming soon). She blogs at http://cedarsspot.blogspot.com.

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