Carol Shetler

Carol Shetler: Review Team
Carol Shetler: Review Team

An avid reader since age 3, Carol’s devotion to science fiction began in the fourth grade with Andre Norton’s Star Rangers. She then encountered Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein and Robert Silverberg, whose novels she rereads often. Star Trek gave substance to her vision of the future. Instead of astrophysics at university, she went with medieval history. This gave her a critical eye for fantasy literature, as she added Anne McCaffrey and Julian May among many others to her library.

Most of her work in the mundane world has involved administration, computer systems training and teaching English as a Second Language. She has also worked as a freelance editor for two medical publishers and a textbook publisher.

Currently Carol runs her own business as a freelance editor and writer, language coach and private tutor to middle school students. She is working as editor and proofreader with J.W. Morris, a first-time author, on his trilogy, the Imperium Succession Saga. The first book of this series, Empire’s Passing, is available at

Among her other interests are architecture, astronomy, business, photography, sociology, soccer, textiles and costuming, and travel. Carol recently auditioned to be on the game show Jeopardy! and is hoping to be selected as a contestant soon.

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