Astrid Nielsch


nielsch astridAstrid has been painting fantasy/mythological and science fiction themed images, and illustrations for Tolkien’s works, since she was a teenager.

She recently completed the Science Fiction and Fantasy Art certificate from London Art College, with distinction. She works with both digital and traditional media. Her work has been exhibited in New Zealand, and graces a number of blogs.

Since 2002, Astrid has been running her own website, and writing a monthly newsletter, now up to issue 62.

Originally, Astrid trained as a musician. As Asni the Harper, she has toured the world for 15 years, and recorded several CDs.

In 2003, she moved to New Zealand to teach harp at Victoria University, Wellington. She decided to stay.
Astrid currently runs a web and multimedia design company Asni: Multimedia Art & Design. She is also busy setting up her new art & illustration studio, StarsongStudio.

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