Alexi Vandenberg

rabid fanboy author imageAlexi “Lex” Vandenberg, the Geek in Charge of Rabid Fanboy, started his long affiliation with fandom when he was given the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Han Solo at Star’s End, and was allowed to stay up to watch the all night Star Trek Marathon at the age of nine. However, his parents gave him the name of a notorious supervillain what other result could they have possibly expected. He involved himself in comics, role-playing games, sci-fi, fantasy, theatre, and conventions. He also discovered a talent for marketing and planning; gifts that eventually allowed him to serve on the staff of TachyCon, Florida’s largest sci-fi convention as director of gaming and communications.

Lex also became interested in politics for some reason (perhaps a brief lapse in sanity) and served for over a decade as Executive Vice President of Hess Political Strategies, using his marketing and communications expertise in helping candidates fundraise and develop their campaigns. He still held an underground D&D game despite the raised eye-brows he would have received if found out.

Upon recovering his sanity, Lex used these same techniques to develop the brands for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Garfield and El Puente. He also utilized these skills in both places to market major events and further establish the brands of both non-profits. Lex also served as the Executive Director of the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation where he organized Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts for the New Jersey, New York and New England and organized the Teddy Hurricane Sandy Relief Dinner which featured celebrities from popular TV shows and movies.

Lex, in his private time, is committed to all things geek. The question of Kirk vs. Picard is a moot one to him (the answer is The Sisko). He also feels that it is false to say that “Han shot first,” since it implies that Greedo shot at all. He is devoted to the great love of his life Mary Elizabeth, his daughter Madeline, and his family that taught him to explore the world in its infinite variety.

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