Adam Gaffen

gaffen adam 2Adam Gaffen is on the wrong side of forty – or maybe the right side of forty, he’s not sure yet. Adam attended Deerfield Academy – which he considers THE finest education ever encountered – and a number of colleges.

Married. Quite a number of years, actually, and only once. Which makes him a rarity today.

Three children; fortunately for them, only one strongly resembles Adam; the other two have escaped that fate.

Adam works two mundane jobs, one for a restaurant, one for the Census – guess which one he enjoys more? Yup.

A dog, a cat, a hamster, some fish, two ducks and six chickens complete the household. Need some eggs?

Adam lives in Maine – no, it’s NOT as cold as you think it is, at least not all the time, and we DON’T all have that ridiculous accent! Boston is his all-time favorite city, and he will be attending my first con next year – definitely Dragon*Con, and maybe Boskone (if he can arrange it).

Oh yeah. Writer.

He currently has five stories up for sale. You can learn all about them on his Amazon Author Page. He can also be found on Facebook or on his Blog

Simply put, I love to read, I love to write – and now I get to do both.


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