Authors You Might Want To Remember: Today – Edwin Abbott

Authors to add to your reads now that you have plenty of time to read

Today, the beginning of an alphabetical list of Science Fiction authors, some you may be very familiar with, some you might have read a long time ago, some you’ve never heard of.

These are going to be short squibs, serving more as a reminder of an individual author rather than an in-depth look at their works.

Today: Edwin Abbott, author of Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

Abbott’s Flatland is not strictly science fiction, but I strongly suspect that it serves as one of the informative texts that led to Isaac Asimov’s Hugo Winning Novel The Gods Themselves.

Flatland is available as a free e-read in various places.  If you consider yourself a well-read fan and don’t have this one under your belt, get cracking.

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