Sequential Wednesdays #6 – An Ode to Young Heroes & Unfinished Stories

All good things come to an end is a truth we all know to be unwavering.  Knowing that truth, however, doesn’t lessen the blow when something truly remarkable ends unfulfilled.  The most recent entrant into the graying abyss of unfinished and hopelessly brilliant television are the two series Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, both part […]

A Beautiful Plummet: A Review of Upside Down

“And our love changed the course of history forever” is a fine concept to base a story off of.  However, it’s a disingenuous and careless line of dialogue that should have been excised from the script of Upside Down upon review number one.  Sadly, that, and many similar offending snippets of exposition, are featured heavily in […]

Sequential Wednesdays #5 – The Private Eye For the Public

The publication of comics has drastically changed in the past 5 years.  As scores of e-reader devices hit the market to facilitate the millions of e-books available, a market grew around digital publication of comics for mobile and standard devices.  ComiXology was one of the first on the scene to partner with major comic publishers […]

The Howl of Family: A Review of Wolf Children

To smile through any hardship is a commendable virtue for anyone to have.  Continuing to do so while having to raise two half-human, half-wolf children is something on a different world of resilience altogether. The story of the Wolf Children Ame And Yuki is about a mother and father who fell in fairy-tale love and their […]

Sequential Wednesdays #4 – The Off Week

Sorry folks, looks like this week got the better of me!  I was travelling for work during the I would normally put together a post, so this Wednesday is just a pretty picture and my list of pulls, but I have a treat coming up! On Thursday 3/14 (my birthday no less) I’ll be going […]

Sequential Wednesdays #3 – Death: The Most Important Story Ever Told

Let’s talk about death. As we meander our way through one subplot to the next, it’s something we typically don’t discuss much.  Death is the ignored truth waiting for all of us at some point, it’s lovingly inevitable and deeply invested in each one of us.  For many, myself included, the existence of Death is […]

Dynamo – Unsuccessful Wooing, Decrees from Rashmon & A Silent, Bearded Man

If there’s a recently popularized term that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, it’s “webisodes.”  This demeaning and fun-sized determination of quality stems from the misconception of tacked-on extra content pumped out in the form of mediocre flash animation with a slim chance of the original creators’ involvement.  Basically, it makes me worried that […]

Sequential Wednesdays #1 – Rockwell’s Masked Heroes

    Let’s get one thing straight: I go weak at the knees because of some colored pigment on a stretched cloth surface – often and regularly.  Somewhere I know my parents got it right by taking me repeatedly to art galleries because like Pavlov’s pooch, give me a Rothko painting from his late period […]

Passion & Panels – Mutants in Love

Hallo again!  I know I just posted yesterday, but there’s a comic I feel is far too appropriate for Valentine’s Day which I feel driven to showcase. Last year, I was discussing my love for the Kirby/Lee character Black Bolt of the Marvel Universe with a close friend.  He’s a beautifully unique super-powered individual who exemplifies (possibly […]

Sequential Wednesdays #0 – Origins & Purpose

Hello and thank you for taking time out of your day to look at this.  This will probably be the most viewed thing I’ve written on the internet to date.  I’m thrilled to be part of the Amazing Stories Magazine staff.  You can expect content mostly on comics with a smattering of visual arts, anime, animation, and film.  If […]