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New Releases in Science Fiction Romance

Do you enjoy reading science fiction romance? If so, Veronica Scott has some recent releases for you.

The Fallen Empire Series by Lindsay Buroker

Chickens in the cargo hold is a nice touch.

Science Fiction TV Shows Versus SFR Novels

The first thing I discovered about doing recaps, when I was covering “The 100” - you can’t just sit and watch the show

Science Fiction Romance and Steampunk

Steampunk can be a way of life, as evidenced by the blogs, Facebook pages and pinterest accounts I follow

Futuristic Romance Award Winning Novels

...and the award for Best Romance in a Science Fiction Novel goes to...

How Can You Find New Science Fiction Romances To Read?

Finding Romance in Science Fiction - there's no eHarmony for that!

The Joy of Series

Fiction series: binge watching for readers!

There Be Space Pirates in Science Fiction Romance

Space Pirates! They seem a fitting subject for SF Romance - and they are!

Talking Titanic in Space 104 Years After the Tragedy

The Titanic sank 104 years ago today. Since then, it has inspired numerous stories, including an award winning SFR.

ILLUMINAE: Science Fiction Told In a Unique Format

This morning, Kady thought breaking up with Ezra was the hardest thing she’d have to do. This afternoon, her planet was invaded.

Science Fiction Romance or Romantic Elements?

Is SFR romance with SF elements or SF with romance elements? Reader expectations often make the definition.

Science Fiction Romance Goes to Space Prison

Wow! What kind of an excerpt can you write after that title?

Award Winning SF Romance Authors Discuss the Genre

Notes on the SFR Galaxy award and some thoughts on SF Romance's future.

Australian Science Fiction Romance Is Alive and Well

Veronica goes down under for the down low on Australian SFR

Cyborg Romance Is Here and It’s Hot

With a little change in programming, The Terminator could have been a very different kind of movie....

Veronica Scott Talks Science Fiction Romance

Veronic Scott introduces herself and the readers of Amazing Stories to Science Fiction Romance.