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IAAA Gallery: Michael C. Turner – Galactic Visionary

IAAA Gallery features Michael C. Turner - Galactic Visionary

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

Private Space Ventures are keeping the backyard spaceship alive.

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Amazing Stories 2012 Issues

The first new issues of Amazing Stories magazine since 2005.

Friday Fanzine

Today we introduce you to the Hugo Award winning fanzine from Christopher J. Garcia and James Bacon - The DRINK TANK.

Fan Fotos

Let us return once more to days of Fandom past.  Through the magic of the photographic time machine, ably wielded by the intrepid, itinerant...

News That Can’t Wait For Sunday: the (Free) SBC Geek...

SBC Geek Festival August 25th Cultural Center Neighborhood Baeta Neves. Plaza St. Joseph, s / n º, Baeta Neves.

Justin Landon on Blogger’s Rights & Suvudu Universe

Commentary on Justin Landon's article about Suvudu Universe

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ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Sites, Very Cool

Today we're all about academia. Yep, that's right - they actually teach this skiffy stuff - and research it too!

Editorial: The Definition of Science Fiction*

Practitioners, critics, academics and fans have so far failed to derive a completely satisfactory definition of this genre over the course of what has now become the better part of a century.

AMAZING News August 18, 2013

Films, radio plays, people doing good things, people doing bad, rockets, Shatner and more!

Amazing Stories Limited Edition T-Shirt

They're going fast - pre-order one today!

Fan Fotos

Fotos of Worldcons Past. A photo gallery by Fred A. Levy Haskell of Saint Louiscon, the 27th Worldcon.

Friday’s Fanzine: Askance 28

Fannish Fridays offers our readers a concentration of content that is squarely focused on fandom. Or, I should say FANDOM. Those people for whom terms like SMoF, Dirty Old Pro, Femmefan, Fen, GAFIA, FIAWOL, FIJAGH, BNA & BNF, not to mention Roscoe, Ghu,Yngve and Smooooth!, DUFF & TAFF are not unfamiliar fanspeak.

Fannish Fridays

Introducing Fannish Friday, Fan day on Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories T-Shirt Goes Public

Amazing Stories' exclusive, collectible T-shirt is now available for reservation by the general public.

AMAZING News August 11, 2013

Newsletters & Press Releases (See Below for full text) Nightshade Books Fantastic Fiction at KGB SpaceX Awarded Launch CAUSES 100 Great Stories by Women SF Writers (yes,...

IAAA Gallery: Chris Williams – Star Sculptor

Chris Williams has taken an unusual path to artistic expression:  he sculpts astronomical objects out of star stuff (our world and everything in it...

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21st Century Pulp Artist There’s Something About Night Vale Interview with SFWA Grand Master Frederik Pohl Review: Destination: Planet Negro What if Every Superman...

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Sites, Very Cool

Astronomy! Today, in honor of the Perseid Meteor Shower and other cool celestial happenings (Comet Ison and lots of planets in the sky) - a...

(Can’t Wait For Sunday News) Worldcon Business Meeting Motion

Worldcon, coming up at the end of August, regularly conducts the WSFS business meeting where, among other things, possible changes to the Hugo Awards...

AMAZING News 8/4/2013

SPECIAL REPORT Amazing Stories is now selling a limited edition T-shirt. Only 150 copies of this special shirt, featuring the SS Amazing: EXP - 01, designed...

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Sites – Very Cool

Science Fiction Television Gerry Anderson Official Website Fanderson Site Anderson Encycliopedia Neil Gaiman Sings XL5 Theme Song   Irwin Allen Irwin Allen Irwin Allen News Website Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Lost in...

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SS Amazing T-Shirts of EXP – 01 Now Available

MEMBERS ONLY - For Now. (Non-Members Go here for info on how you can order) Amazing Stories Site Members are now being offered an EXCLUSIVE,...

Richard Powers Art on EBay

Jane Frank, our resident expert on all things art fantastic, will be attending and displaying at this year's Worldcon - LoneStarCon 3 - in...

The Pale Blue Dot

I learned of this comic book style rendering of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot soliloquy from The Huffingtonpost.  I immediately got in touch with...

My Trip to Sofacon

Like any good con report, we begin the proceedings well in advance of the event.  Several months ago I was invited to attend the...

AMAZING News 7/28/13

NEWSLETTERS & PRESS RELEASES (see below) Michael J. Sullivan's The Crown Tower Release & pre-lauch offers Ford Street: Flora's War by Pamela Rushby Duotrope (Markets) Heroes & Heartbreakers INDUSTRY Kickstarter...