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Apology & Circumstance

I take full responsibility for everything published on the Amazing Stories website, good, bad or indifferent, typos, bad links and all.

Frederik Pohl

Frederik Pohl has always been a part of my life. Always

Frederik Pohl 1919-2013

Frederik Pohl, Grandmaster, editor, agent and author and futurist, has died. R. K Troughton recently interviewed Frederik for Amazing Stories.  We will be re-running that...

2013 HUGO AWARDS (Winners and Nominees)

The 2013 Hugo Awards were presented at the 71st Worldcon - LoneStarCon3 - in San Antonio Texas over the Labor Day Weekend. Best Novel Redshirts: A...

La Estrella Solitaria, Sunday Morning Edition

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AMAZING News: September 1, 2013

Cool and interesting stuff from around the world

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Websites that will be of interest to fans.

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Starship Century

Today we are offering multiple and multi-lingual reviews of the James and Gregory Benford anthology - STARSHIP CENTURY. The Benfords put together an anthology that...

Fannish Friday Hiatus

Due to unexpected personal issues, Fannish Friday will not be seen this week, but will resume at its regularly scheduled time next week.

A Science Fiction Primer

Media SF - in all of its varieties - is firmly and uncontestably rooted in the literature (whether it acknowledges its sources or not). The problem for the audience of media fare is that the mainstream definition of "sci fi" is overly broad, encompassing bad examples along with the good and offering no inherent means for distinguishing one from the other .

AMAZING News August 25, 2013

Conventions, Readings, Scientific Advances, Awards, Trouble Makers and Just Plain Fun Stuff

IAAA Gallery: Michael C. Turner – Galactic Visionary

IAAA Gallery features Michael C. Turner - Galactic Visionary

ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Websites, Very Cool

Private Space Ventures are keeping the backyard spaceship alive.

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Amazing Stories 2012 Issues

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Friday Fanzine

Today we introduce you to the Hugo Award winning fanzine from Christopher J. Garcia and James Bacon - The DRINK TANK.

Fan Fotos

Let us return once more to days of Fandom past.  Through the magic of the photographic time machine, ably wielded by the intrepid, itinerant...

News That Can’t Wait For Sunday: the (Free) SBC Geek...

SBC Geek Festival August 25th Cultural Center Neighborhood Baeta Neves. Plaza St. Joseph, s / n º, Baeta Neves.

Justin Landon on Blogger’s Rights & Suvudu Universe

Commentary on Justin Landon's article about Suvudu Universe

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ABSOLUTE ZERO: Cool Sites, Very Cool

Today we're all about academia. Yep, that's right - they actually teach this skiffy stuff - and research it too!

Editorial: The Definition of Science Fiction*

Practitioners, critics, academics and fans have so far failed to derive a completely satisfactory definition of this genre over the course of what has now become the better part of a century.

AMAZING News August 18, 2013

Films, radio plays, people doing good things, people doing bad, rockets, Shatner and more!

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