UFO 9 Kickstarter, Larry Niven & Known Space, David Gerrold’s new book on writing, predictive pulp fiction and a lot more!


Like life, the news this week is all over the place, ranging from probes in interstellar space to Great White Liver pate and, yes, just about everything else in between!

Short SF Film: Oceanus | Dust

In the year 2029, a marine biologist and her aquatic engineer husband fight to survive after a global cataclysm strikes, separating them from their spectacular underwater habitat.

Short SF: Spoiler | Dust

The job of coroner has changed since the worldwide infection. Tommy Rossman isn’t just a collector of the dead anymore. Now he comes to make sure you’re actually dead. Or to help you get there.

SF Short Film: Invasion | Dust

Adam, a man on probation and ruled by AI in the year 2029, an age of universal basic income and self driving cars. When Adam is driven to a mysterious town by the automated vehicle. It becomes clear that something is not right.