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Conventions Need to Vet Their Sponsors Better

Fandom should be doing a better job at vetting its sponsors and supporters

Armstrong Museum Updates It’s Exhibit of Amazing Stories Cover

Amazing Stories cover poster updated at the Armstrong Museum

Revelations or SPECIAL EDITION COVER REVEAL (and other Cool Images)

We've got PICTURES! Collector Card and Special Edition Cover Reveal

Klarissa Dreams Redux: The Illuminated Anthology

Shebat Legion, fantasy author and editor and breast cancer fighter is hosting a fund-raising anthology to help fight breast cancer.  Below, she describes the...

…And That’s the Way It Is, This is Walter Kronkite, CBS...

Thoughts on social networking's 24/7, in-your-face reality

Balticon 53 and Apologies for Schedule Misses

The final episode of our coverage of Balticon 53

In Lieu of News, Con Report Part 2, Balticon 53

Balticon 53 turns into a Larry Niven story. News at 11.

Con Report Balticon 53

Notes on atending Balticon 53

Film Review – See You Yesterday

Spike Lee's alternate timeline take on Back to the Future debuts on Netflix

The Coming of the Fanbots

Will Fandom survive the coming of the Fanbots?

Summer 2019 Amazing Stories Cover Reveal

Summer 2019 cover!!! and MORE! revealed today!

Substitute Editorial – Amazing Stories Summer 2019 Issue Preview

Revealing the contents of the very next issue of Amazing Stories!


2019 Hugo voting begins

Get Free Comics On May the Fourth Holiday

Just a short reminder that today, May the Fourth, a special holiday for fans of Star Wars, has been co-opted by comic books in...

SpaceX Launches Falcon Heavy, Lands Three “Cores”

SpaceX Launches a Falcon Heavy, recovers two booster cores on land and the central booster core at sea. SPECTACULAR launch

A Swedish Pulp Magazine from 1732, Stieg Larsson’s Space Club and...

The Electronic Amateur Press Association is recruiting. Here's how to find out more and sign up...not to mention "pulp" magazines that Thomas Jefferson might have read

An Editorial About Editorials

Politics, existential threats, scientific advances, moral quandries. ethical conundrums and what the kids did last summer are all grist for the editorial mill.

It’s True. Young Readers Should Not Be Introduced To The...

Want a quick history lesson in the SF genre? Here's how to get one without having to wade through too much of that old, dated, socially jarring stuff without too much trouble.

The Tale of the Man Who Was Too Lazy To Fail

Was RAH's allegory about indolence and sloth? No, it was not. However, this week's editorial might be.

NSF Announces First Imaging of a Black Hole

Now you see it...well, you don't, but not seeing it is what everyone was hoping for

Tomorrow We May See What A Black Hole’s Event Horizon Looks...

Black Hole Imagery to be released tomorrow

The Hugo Awards Best Related Work Category and the AO3 Nomination

A potentially controversial nomination highlights FanFic's reception by the SF community.

Flights to Impossible Cities Nominated for 2019 Rhysling Awards!

Flights to Impossible Cities nominated for Rhysling Award

2019 Hugo Award Nominees Announced

The 2019 Hugo Award Nominees were announced by Dublin 2019, the 77th Worldcon early today.

Announcements and a Vaycay

Announcing our new Indiegogo campaign

Spielberg Unveils Amazing Stories TV Show at Apple Rollout

Amazing Stories TV show formally announced at Apple event.

Rights Clearances & Amazing Stories

Amazing has received numerous rights queries over the past couple of weeks. Here's why we may not be able to help.

We’re Down On the Production Floor

You didn't know Amazing Stories was on the front lines of preventing the robopocalypse, did you? (Neither did we....)