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Snowpiercer: Better Than A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp...

Snowpiercer’s failing is that it’s simultaneously overwritten and underwritten. It’s a blatant political allegory whose obvious points are muddled and vague. If you can imagine such a thing.

H.G. Wells’ Things To Come

Things To Come: in the future, there will still not be flying cars. (Sleepy gas from giant airplanes, but no flying cars.)

Europa Report And The Irreality Of Found Footage

Without the veneer of "found footage"....

Godzilla: The Original 1954 Atomic Bad-Ass

Godzillas. They mentioned the possibility that more of them could be out there, and that further screwing around with H-bombs might wake them up. But did we listen? Nope. Good thing!

Going Ape With The Original Planet of The Apes

“There is just one reality left, we are here and it is now.” Wise words spoken by astronaut of the future George Taylor (Charlton...

Godzilla, Or: Why Bother With Humans?

The newest Godzilla falls into that category of movies least interesting to write about, let alone see, the category of “Ehh.” It’s neither terrible...