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TV Review: Bitten

A review of Bitten, a Canadian show based off of the book series Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong.

Movie Review: Gravity

Review of Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock.

Movie Review: After Earth

Review of After Earth starring Will and Jaden Smith.

Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Samantha cries and gets scared while watching the latest in the Hunger Games' franchise of film - Catching Fire.

Once Upon a Time Winter Finale

Once Upon A Time's season finale - and a sneak peak at season 4.

So Many New Shows, So Many Questions

Film invades the small screen: where will it end up and will the glut be its own worst enemy?

Kick-Ass2 Review

Samantha fills us in on the scene out her window and whether or not KickAss 2 avoids the fate of sequels numbered 2

Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Episode Was Epic

What could be better than two Doctors on screen? How about THREE?

The Wolverine has come to your TV and your phone

We seem to keep getting lucky here in the UK. We got to see Thor 2 ahead of the US, and now we've gotten The Wolverine on DVD and Blu-Ray first, too.

Film Review: Percy Jackson — Sea of Monsters

Review of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters movie.

Marvel Just Keeps Getting Better

This week ABC revealed that a forthcoming episode will cross over with Thor: The Dark World.

Dracula 2013

Wither thou goest, Dracula?

The Originals Isn’t Exactly Original

"The Originals" is just another "Vampire Diaries" set in modern day America with lots of flash backs. It's interesting because we already know many of the characters, but do we really need another "Vampire Diaries?"

Once Upon a Time in Wonder(ful)land

I've really enjoyed the series "Once Upon a Time" which has managed to intertwine several classic fairy tales into one big story and bring them into the modern day. Now the spin off series, "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" has hit screens and is very different to its sister show. There is a brief connection with Knave of Hearts in Storybrook with the White Rabbit before he heads back to Wonderland but that is the only connection we get to see in the first episode.

Atlantis is the new Merlin

The origin TV show Merlin was the BBC's big sci-fi fantasy show that had families across the nation tuning in on Saturday nights. But the...

The Making of the Return of the Jedi

The latest making of book from the original Star Wars films has finally arrived. This book is one that you will keep on...

Ever Wanted to Create Your Own Superhero?

An online TV service here in the UK is offering sci-fi fans the chance to see their character come to life.

Agent Carter Gets Her Own Short

We never got to find out what happened to Peggy Carter after Captain America left her.

Team Marvel or Team DC?

Is it possible to be Team Marvel and Superman (stand alone) at the same time? Because that is where I am....


The other news this week is Benedict Cumberbatch has reportedly signed on for the next Star Wars film.

Ben Affleck, Really?

Not everyone is delighted about the news that Ben Affleck is the new Batman for the Man of Steel sequel

True Blood Season 6 Finale. Wow. Just wow.

I felt a little bit miffed at first that there were only 10 episodes in this season, especially as it has completely gone off on its own course now. (Watch out for full frontal nudity.)

The Dark Knight Returns?

The Batman casting rumours are going crazy this week. The usual names are being thrown into the mix, Ryan Gosling (apparently The Sun reader's...

Doctor! Doctor Who? Why it’s Peter Capaldi

At last, the new Doctor Who has been revealed. On Sunday night the BBC announced the new casting live across the world in a...

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to rock

I cannot wait for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to start (24 September in the US), it has interest from UK broadcasters, but none confirmed as...

The Best of Comic-Con 2013

Ok, before I start, this is my personal preference, so you may or may not agree with these, but here are my personal favourite...

Summer Glau Joins Arrow Season 2

No surprises here. Another sci-fi TV show, another role for Summer. She has well and truly been in pretty much anything. She will play...

Are You Excited About Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary?

November 23rd, is the date that every sci-fi fan is eagerly waiting to see what the BBC has in store for us with its celebratory episode...

I’m in Love With a Zombie

I finally got round to seeing Warm Bodies this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised. Nicholas Hoult is a good actor...at times, sometimes I think his...

True Blood is Back With a Bite

True Blood has finally returned to TV and boy has it come back with a bang. It's already two episodes in and so much...