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CLUBHOUSE: Review: The War Beneath: The Rise of Oceania, a techno-thriller...

Twenty-nine underwater cities dot the world’s continental coastal shelves, along with hundreds of deep-sea mining and research facilities. Ten million people live beneath the sea

CLUBHOUSE: I get inducted into the Canadian SF Hall of Fame!...

Fan, editor and publisher R. Graeme Cameron shares his experience of being inducted into the CSFFA's Hall of Fame

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Backli’s Ford, an A’lle Chronicles Mystery by Marcelle Dubé

a science fiction mystery novel taking place in a small town in Lower Canada in 1911

CLUBHOUSE: Review: augur magazine #5 (literary fantasy mag)

This magazine is all fantasy: The issue was fun to read. Full of good writing and evocative imagery.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: On Spec Magazine issue #111

With a cover illustration like that, you know there's got to be something intriguing inside the pages of On Spec

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Stories 2: Space, an anthology by Robert J. Sawyer

Volume 2 of a themed collection series of stories by Robert J. Sawyer, author of the being made into a film series WWW

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Polar Borealis Magazine (of Canadian Speculative Fiction) Issue #11

Normally, we'd not let the guy review his own publication...but we're not normally and R Graeme is Graeme, so let it fly!

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Into The Black, Tales of Lovecraftian Terror by William...

Into the Black offers multiple fresh takes on Lovecraft’s own AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS

CLUBHOUSE: Review: What the Wind Brings – a slipstream novel by...

A review of a new novel by one of the authors appearing in our quarterly publication

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Kasma Magazine presents: 10 Years of SF!

Kasma magazine rounds up its monthly publications and offers ten YEARS of SF

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Pulp Literature Magazine #23

Fine writing throughout in this magazine devoted to pulp fiction of a higher literary calling.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Broken Sun Broken Moon, a surreal anthology by Brent...

OBIR: Occasional Biased and Ignorant Reviews reflecting this reader’s opinion. Broken Sun, Broken Moon – by Brent Hayward Published by ChiZine Publications, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada in...

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Fragment, an eco-adventure novel by Craig Russell

There are at least 15 principle characters to keep track of. Too confusing? Not a bit of it. Ten years in the writing and well worth it.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Futuristic Canada Anthology

Futuristic Canada is a very Canadian anthology. How much so may depend on whether you are Canadian, American, British or even Australian....

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Alchemy and Artifacts, Tesseracts 22 Anthology

OBIR: Occasional Biased and Ignorant Reviews reflecting this reader’s opinion.   Alchemy and Artifacts: Tesseracts 22 Published by Edge-Lite, an imprint of Hades Publications, Inc., Calgary, Alberta,...

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Lackington’s Magazine “Voyages” – Issue 19, Spring 2019

A review of the most recent issue of Lackington's Magazine - Voyages

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Parallel Prairies, Stories of Manitoba Speculative Fiction

Canadian local - a review of an anthology devoted to Manitoban speculative fiction

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Professor Challenger Anthology. New Worlds. Lost Places.

Ahhh, Professor Challenger. discoverer of Lost Worlds!

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Augur Magazine #4 V2.1

An issue for change. No, not from a dollar. Fiction and poetry about change.

CLUBHOUSE: Reviews: Five Fantasy Novels Worth Reading

Graeme reviews five novels, covering a range of interests and genres

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Anathema Magazine issue 7

A tri-annual speculative fiction magazine of works by “queer POC / Indigenous / Aboriginal creators”, and a call for a crusade against an entrenched foe.

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Dreamtime (Anthology) by Mark Le Dain

...strong echoes of the early Philip K. Dick where things are not what they seem and you have every right to be paranoid...

CLUBHOUSE: Review: Lackington’s Magazine #18

Many editors reject heavily stylized prose out of hand. Lackington's welcomes it.

Clubhouse: Review: On Spec Magazine Issue #110

An in depth review of the 110th issue of On Spec magazine

CLUBHOUSE: Reviews: Pulp Literature Magazine #22 and “Typhoon Time” (Novel) by...

Today, Graeme formalizes the new focus of his column on reviews of Canadian SpecFic, featuring Pulp Literature magazine and Typhoon Time by Ron S. Friedman

Clubhouse Reviews: Neo-opsis Magazine #29 and “A Body of Work” by...

An in depth look at two publications - Neo-Opsis magazine and A Body of Work anthology - using the O.B.I.R. method. (Not to be confused with the Outer Limits method O.B.I.T.. Not quite that intrusive.)

Is Science Fiction Dead? (Or, lessons learned from the Creative Ink...

Yes, once again, Science Fiction is dead, Dead, DEAD! Maybe.

Clubhouse: An Obscure Franco Era Spanish Horror Film

If an egg appears on the mantle in act 1....

Clubhouse: four films from the 1930s worth watching

Four forgotten classics worth your viewing time.

Clubhouse: Obscure Genre films worth watching

Silent Film SF: there's a lot more out there than most realize