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Can you Hear Me, Major Tom?: The Death of David Bowie

Ziggy Stardust has gone back to Mars. Major Tom can't hear us anymore.

More Star Wars Art Because… STAR WARS!

Pulp inspired Star Wars and then, Star Wars inspired pulp!

Science Fiction and Fantasy Calendars

Mark it on your (NEW) calendar: 2016 has begun!

Magic at Christmas

whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Pagan, or Atheist -- I hope you will not take it amiss that I wish you all a little bit of magic in your homes at this time and throughout the coming year

But, Baby, it’s Cold Outside

To see the cold, you need a little warmth.

Visions of Frankenstein

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN is currently playing in theaters, although by the time you read this it may very well not be, having slunk away in...

We’re All Ed Wood Now

Ed Wood: No one would know who he was if were making films today.

Ace Double Novels: Double your Pleasure, Double your fun!

The Ace Double novel was an example of an innovative format capturing the fancy of the reading public and effectively changing the landscape of the publishing industry.

Judging Books by Their Covers: Agent of Vega

No one loves space opera more than I do.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Spoken Word Recordings

The very first audio books came pressed on vinyl.

A Mixed Bag of Halloween (Eye) Candy

Just remember to look both ways before you cross the street and don't eat all your candy all on one night.

Star Wars Art: Because we haven’t heard enough about Star Wars...

No. You haven't seen enough Star Wars yet

The Art of Pellucidar

When it comes to Down Under, Australia's got nothing on Pellucidor

My Favorite Martian

Mark Watney is not the first human to have been stranded on Mars.

Ken Kelly: An Artist I Can Trust

Ken Kelly: NOT a Frazetta wannabe, as Mr. Jackson is quick to point out

Big Brain Aliens

Look at the aliens from This Island Earth. If they are so smart, why are the denizens of Metaluna all such big headed pricks?

Cavemen! (and Women)

Oddly enough, cave women and cave men are frequently featured in SF and fantasy art.

Black and White: No Room for Gray Shades

Early science fiction and fantasy magazines of the twentieth century, of which Amazing Stories was chief, employed artists for their interior illustrations who could produce images of great variety using only ink applied to paper.

Not the Hugos: The Chesley Awards

The Hugos are not the only awards given out at Worldcon. Celebrate the winners of the Chesley Awards.

Weddings in Science Fiction and Fantasy

SF weddings: here's hoping yours isn't like some of theirs!

The Visionary World of Paul Lehr

Lehr "dominated science fiction covers in the mid-1960s into the 1970s"

Vampirella: Character or Commodity?

Do we need an excuse to look at images of Vampirella?

Marvel vs DC at the Movies

Suyperhero films: Marvel succeeds, DC fails. Could the difference be one of character?

Buck Rogers: The Way the Future Used to Be

For more than a century the name Buck Rogers has been synonymous with science fiction.

Surrealism: Giant Crabs Ate my Pontiac!

Allowing the unconscious to express itself, surrealism resolves the contradictory realms of dream and reality

Surrealism Revisited

Surrealism strays into all other areas of art from modern culture to food to sex to death.

Wonder Woman: Relevant or Ridiculous?

Greek Goddess... Miss America... Xena... which role does she play in order to make others happy. Isn't that the dilemma of a woman today?

Earl Norem: 1924 – 2015

Earl Norem was a gigantic talent and regularly and consistently produced work of the highest caliber

Pictures of the Moon

Visit the Moon, then go out and play in the sunshine

The Promise of Unrealized Dreams

Dreams never die. They might not live either.